Exceptional commitment to sustainability: three-star Food Made Good rating 

12 September 2022  |  Blog

We are delighted to have been awarded a three-star Food Made Good Rating! This is the highest possible score in the standard and signifies an exceptional commitment to sustainability. The Food Made Good award considers sourcing, community, and the environment to encourage sustainability throughout the hospitality industry.  

The Food Made Good standard: Sourcing, Society, Environment

Our highest scoring section was environment, which demonstrates our extensive steps in reducing our environmental impact. From reducing waste as much as possible in our kitchen to recycling as much as possible, we work hard to reduce the impact of Roth Bar & Grill.

The Food Made Good report also highlighted our efforts to create a sustainable impact throughout the lifecycle of our ingredients, starting from responsible sourcing to waste reduction. Seasonal and local ingredients form the foundation of Roth Bar & Grill, connecting farmer, butcher, forager, chef, and guest, so we are delighted this commitment was recognised. 

One area that stood out was our commitment to ensuring good working conditions, prioritising staff well-being, and cultivating inclusive workplaces. Our team is the heart of Roth Bar & Grill, and ensuring that we create a fantastic workplace environment helps us to create a wonderful place for you to visit.

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